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What is Farabi Exchange Program? 

Farabi is a Student and Academic Staff Exchange Program among Higher Education Institutions. It offers an exchange for associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees of education and training within universities and high technology institutes. 

Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable students and faculty members to continue their education and training activities in another higher education institution for one or two semesters. Non-refundable scholarships are given to students participating in the Farabi Exchange Program and additional course fees are paid to faculty members. The principles regarding the implementation of the Farabi Exchange Program are explained in details by the Regulation of Counsil of Higher Education 

About Farabi (870-950) 

Farabi was born in 870 in Farab, Turkistan. He visited important centers of science such as Bukhara, Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, Harran and Syria. He has written works on philosophy, mathematics, logic, political science and music. He has a great reputation in the Islamic world as Muallim-i Sani (Second Teacher). which is comparable to Aristotle, who is called as Muallim-i Evvel (First Teacher) in the field of philosophy. He is known as "Alpharabius" in the Western world.

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Our mission;

Farabi Exchange Program Institutional Coordination, change the application stage until the end the whole process of incoming and outgoing students / to inform faculty members, effective and ensure a constant exchange program, student / faculty member of the exchange area to cover the whole Turkey has the mission itself.

Our Vision

Yüksek İhtisas University Farabi Exchange Program as the Coordinator of the Institution; Managing the process in accordance with the transparency and impartiality principles, Turkey's Farabi from all over the scope Exchange Program / outgoing students and different academic environment of the faculty, and enabling the different social and cultural environment, to the enrichment of the learning process and we aim to contribute to achieve their future career plans.


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 Coordinators Coordinators

Assist. Prof. Fulya KÖYBAŞIOĞLU (Coordinator)


Lecturer Özlem MUŞLU

Lecturer Ece Uysal AKTUNBİLEK


Regulations and Directions

Pdf%20iconFarabi Exchange Program Regulation

Pdf%20iconFarabi Exchange Program Basis and Procedures

Pdf%20iconBilateral Agreement Universities

Pdf%20iconFarabi University Codes

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İletişim : farabi@yiu.edu.tr

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