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Yüksek İhtisas University Central Library

To support the education and research activities of our university, Yüksek İhtisas University Central Library was established in 2015 Since then, our library has been serving in two different buildings, Faculty of Medicine in main campus and Vocational School of Health Services, in Bağlum campus.

Particularly in Medicine and Health Sciences and also in other subject areas, printed and electronic resources are presented in our collection for the users.

Within the library, there are OPAC scanning terminals and computerized workplaces for the use of electronic resources. The use of these resources is supported with remote access opportunity.

Publication service is provided for academicians. Books, articles, etc., which are not available in our collection can be obtained from national and international centers in accordance with the copyright laws.

All the students, academic and administrative staff can use the service by becoming a member of the library. The central library is also open to external users.

Our library organizes library and e-resource usage trainings for all the students and academics during the academic year and by opening database trial accesses, also contributes to education.

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