Yüksek İhtisas Üniversitesi - Alumni Unit

Yuksek Ihtisas University Vocational School of Healthcare Services Alumni Unit is working to establish effective communication and cooperation with our alumni and ensure the continuity of their ties with the university with mutual solidarity.


Responsibilities of VSHS Alumni Unit are:

  • Sharing the employee demands of the institutions with our alumni,
  • Announcing the organizations of our university,
  • Announcing the opportunities from other institutions for our alumni,
  • Establishing alumni organizations and activities,
  • Establishing the communication between our alumni, students, and academicians,
  • Asking the ideas of alumni as stakeholders,
  • Other issues depending on the situation.


Therefore, it is essential for our alumni to keep their contact information up to date in the system.

You can use this form to share your contact information with us.


Asst. Prof. Üyesi Esma SARI ÜZEK (Unit Head)

Lecturer Bircan KOLÇAK

Lecturer Elanur SEVEN

Lecturer Emel KÜLEKÇİ

Lecturer Özlem BARİN



Adress: Karakaya Mahallesi Bağlum Bulvarı No:1 06291 Keçiören Ankara

E-mail: shmyo.mezun@yiu.edu.tr

Telephone: (+90 312) 329 74 25




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