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- Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical research applications from the researchers can be evaluated by the Ethical Committee of Non-Invasive Researches of Yuksek Ihtisas University.

- Researches funded by commercial business organizations are not accepted for evaluation.

- Applicants should deliver their documents at least 5 days before the meeting of the Committee.

- Two application folders should be delivered (1 original and 1 copy) with the digital copies recorded on CD.

Index Page Template  Pdf%20icon Doc

Application Petition  Pdf%20icon Doc

Application Form  Pdf%20icon Doc

Researcher CV Template  Pdf%20icon Doc

Project Text Template  Pdf%20icon Doc

World Health Organization’s Informed Consent Form Templates

Research Permission Statement of the Unit Manager  Pdf%20icon Doc

Research Budget Form  Pdf%20icon Doc

Letter of Good Clinical Principles Undertaking  Pdf%20icon Doc

Pdf%20iconDeclaration of Helsinki 


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