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Except for the English Medical Program the language of the education is Turkish in the Yüksek İhtisas University. Candidates who have the right to register must have sufficient language proficiency in order to participate in education and training activities to follow and understand the lessons.

Registered students have to certify their Turkish and English proficiency level. Students who are enrolled in an education program which language of instruction is Turkish, who do not document their Turkish language level will be directed to Gazi University TÖMER center by our university to receive Turkish education and they will start their bachelor of education the next year.

Students who are enrolled in an education program which language of instruction is English, those who do not certify their English language level or fail the Yüksek İhtisas University English examination will start preparatory class before their bachelor of education.

Acceptable Turkish proficiency certificates can be obtained from Yunus Emre İnstitute and Turkish language proficiency test conducted by TÖMER center of publics faculties.

Acceptable English proficiency certificates CPE, CAE, FCE, PTE, TOEFL-IBT

Evaluation of Turkish proficiency levels:

  • A1-A2 : Turkish level is insufficient. It is compulsory for those in this situation to increase their Turkish level to at least B2 level until the beginning of the second academic year without prejudice to their right to enroll in the undergraduate they have won. Records of education are frozen during this time.

·         B1       : Turkish level should be improved. Provided that the student takes a Turkish course, he/she is registered to the undergraduate program for which he/she has the right to enroll, and the student starts his/her education. However, the student must document that he/she has increased his/her Turkish level to B2 level by the beginning of the second academic year at the latest. Otherwise, they cannot continue their education and their registration will be frozen until the requested certification is made. ·         B2: Turkish is sufficient. The student can start her/his education at our university.




C1: Turkish is SufficientB2: Turkish is Sufficient in a Short TimeB1: Turkish is Sufficient in a Short TimeA2: Turkish Is Not SufficientA1: Turkish Is Not Sufficient





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