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Vocational School of Healthcare Services started education in 2016 with the Medical Documentation and Secretariat Program. In 2017 Operating Room Services and Electroneurophysiology programs are started education and academic activities.  In 2018, we had our first graduates, and the Anesthesia Programme has begun the education and academic activities. In 2019, for the first time, students were enrolled in Biomedical Device Technology, Medical Promotion and Marketing, Medical Laboratory Techniques and Opticianry programs, and a total of 8 associate degree programs in the field of health continue their education activities.

Our Mission

Training health technicians who research, love and protect their country, constantly follow current developments in their field, improve themselves, and put their theoretical knowledge into practice; to produce qualified information, and social benefit in health.


Our Vision

Training our students with up-to-date educational techniques and application opportunities; maximizing our academic staff's personal and academic development; establishing projects that will provide social benefit, and improving ourselves continuously.

  • Fair and equal approach
  • Commitment to ethical values
  • Service to the community
  • Quality orientation
  • Social responsibility orientation
  • Scientific approach
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Commitment to universal values
  • Democratic management

Yuksek Ihtisas University Vocational School of Healthcare Services has adopted a student-oriented management approach that designs educational and administrative processes within the framework of participatory, universal, continuous development and improvement principles and aims to establish the ideal balance between conditions and resources.

The general framework of the Education Policy of the Yuksek Ihtisas UniversityVocational School of Healthcare Services consists of the following headings:

  • Contents of the courses are establishing within the Turkish Higher Education Qualifications Framework's scope and considering the industry's current needs.
  • Students have the opportunity to have courses from various lecturers of different disciplines to achieve a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Students can have elective courses about social responsibility, arts, and-or sports.
  • Students are supported with elective courses that can improve their intellectual capital,
  • Double major programs are supported,
  • Knowledge gained in theoretical courses are developing with practical courses and training,
  • It is essential to bring the correct and qualified personnel to the institution,
  • Activities increasing the qualifications of the academic staff are supported,
  • Interdisciplinary studies are supported,
  • At the end of the semester, the evaluations made by the students are shared with the relevant academic staff to raise awareness about the student's perspective,
  • Activities are carried out to give students the habit of lifelong learning,
  • Student privacy is considered necessary,
  • Necessary activities are carried out to ensure that the library of the vocational school is actively used by students and kept up to date,
  • It is ensured that up-to-date educational tools are used,
  • Necessary activities are carried out to keep the communication level of the Student-Instructor at the highest level,
  • Qualified consultancy services are provided to students for their future professional lives as well as their current academic life,
  • Socialization of students and organizing activities for social events are supported through student groups and clubs,
  • The system is designed to ensure that students become professionals who are committed to ethical principles, beneficial to their country and humanity, researching, questioning, and having a universal perspective in their professional lives,
  • The available resources are applied at an optimum level to ensure that the students' academic, social, psychological, and physiological needs are satisfied.

As Yuksek Ihtisas University Vocational School of Healthcare Services;

  • We encourage community service for our personnel and students,
  • We conduct coordination between our students and personnel for community service activities,
  • We work for increasing the quality of our community service,
  • We respect human and animal rights,
  • We use stakeholder feedback to improve the quality of our community services.

Yuksek Ihtisas University Vocational School of Healthcare Services acts according to the following principles and policies in scientific research:

  • Contributing to both practice and literature,
  • Innovative and original,
  • For the benefit of society,
  • Locally and globally competitive,
  • Adhering to scientific, ethical principles,
  • Compatible with the goals of the curriculum,
  • Open to local and global collaborations,
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary work,

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